Gary J. Gavulic - Architecture & Design LLC, is a Clarkston, Michigan based architectural firm that has specialized in a broad variety of residential, commercial, and historic projects since 1994.

We offer a comprehensive range of architectural assistance, tailored to the needs of each client, beginning with the schematic design phase of a project, and continuing forward with an organized system of traditional services, which include the preparation of construction documents, assisting in the bidding process, and performing construction administration tasks.

Our work has included such specialized and diverse projects as museums, recording studios, dental clinics, professional offices, restaurants, and custom single-family homes. Every project type, regardless of size or complexity, receives the same thoughtful and comprehensive attention to detail that is essential in achieving an outstanding architectural solution, one that responds to the individualized needs and aspirations of those who will visit, work, and live within the walls and spaces of each.

From the first conversations with the client, through the design studies that take place in the studio, to the actual realization on a site, we strive throughout the creative process, to make all of our projects feel comfortable and timeless, yet fresh and contemporary. We create architecture that speaks to the soul, that invokes the memory of buildings and settings from our own personal past -- places that we have experienced and that have simply made us feel good. Architecture is the setting for life, and so we work diligently to transform the everyday into the exceptional, to dignify the daily routine, and to create the kind of spaces that are essential to lives well lived.